Comission works

I do work after comission as well. Different kind of styles and you will be a part of the process. You can choose a template, colors, styles and much more. You'll get involved in each litte part of the process - or leave it up to the artist to make the most out of it.


Let's talk about it !


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Here are some samples of comission jobs:

This comissioin job took 6.5 hours of work. The ownerin has chosen all the colors and the style herself.

Michelle is great to work with. She did a custom painting for me and it was a fun project for us to collaborate together on a design I liked and colors that went with my home’s décor. The results were fantastic (see turquoise and lime painting below). I could not have found something that fit my taste that well by just walking into an art gallery. I recommend her highly.

This painting was damaged and the comisson was to repair it as good as possible. The work took 1.5 hours and it came out pretty good. Customer was very pleased !


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